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Porth Felen - Near Aberdaron - Gwynedd - North Wales

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Resort: Porth Felen 

Location: Near Aberdaron, Near Pwllheli, Gwynedd, North Wales, UK 

Coordninates:  52°47′22″N 4°45′14″W 


Population: 0

Grading: Inlet - Scenic - See Fishing Information Below

Nearest Town:  Pwllheli (14.8 miles)

Amenities: None

Postal Codes: LL53

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Information: Porth Felen is an inlet on the south west of the Llyn peninsula in West Wales. It is defined by Trwyn y Gwyddel to the west and Trwyn Bychestyn to the east. Fine views of Porth Felen can be seen from the Llyn Coastal Path that passes close by.

History: Anchor Stock

This anchor was found in 1974 by two members of a Stockport sub-aqua club. Comparative material ( all from mediteranean sources), reveals that this type of anchor was obsolete before the Roman conquest of Britain. The best date for this unique find in British waters is the latter part of the second or early part of the first century B.C

The photographs shows, that there is on one face a row of four squarish lumps, which looked like halves of walnuts before the corrosion-products were removed. Close inspection will show that these lumps are impressions of knucklebones, made in the mould, arranged each a different way up -the ÔVenus Õ throw of the Roman game. This ornament is known on fourteen other stocks, all from the Mediterranean; and two, from datable wrecks, are of about 140-130 B.C. The purpose of this decoration, as in cases where other devices appear, was magical. It took skill, rather than luck, to throw a Ô Venus Ô, and from the arrangement of the knucklebones here, we can imagine that they were a tacit prayer that the anchor would fall in such a way as to gain a good hold of the bottom.

With this important find, we are brought into the orbit of Graeco-Italic, rather than imperial Roman, connexions by sea with Wales. Whether we have to do with a vessel engaged in the Comish tin-trade, blown so far off course; or with a cruise in search of North Wales copper, if that was known to Mediterranean traders, remains a matter for speculation. One thing, however, seems certain. The stock was found in 15 m. of water only 30 m. offshore; and if investigations by the Gwynedd Sub-Aqua Club failed to find the smallest trace of a wreck on a bottom strewn with storm-pounded boulders, there is here no haven or strand, only the cruel cliffs swept by a severe current: the findspot points unequivocally to disaster.

The stock measures 1.18 m. long and weighs 71.5 kg. It is much below the average size, which is in the region of 2 m. and 200 kg. or more. Thus it must have come from a ship of slight tonnage. Three stocks found aboard a vessel of the earlier part of the second century B.C., excavated by a French team on the reef known as La Chretienne (Dept. Var), weighed 66, 84 and 104 kg.; the hull had measured about 15.5 m. long, on a keel of about 9.4m, and 5,5m beam.

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1) Drs Parry-Smith, Smits, Morris & Haque ( 6.3 miles) - Meddygfa Rhydbach, Botwnnog, Pwllheli, LL53 8RE, Tel: 01758 730266

1) Ysbyty Gwynedd (24.8 miles) - Penrhosgarnedd, Bangor, Gwynedd
LL57 2PW, Tele
 01248 384384, Major acute  -  Major A&E - Open 24 hours

2) Bryn Beryl Hospital - (14.5 miles ) - Caernarvon Rd, Pwllheli, LL53 6TT, Tel: 01758 701122, Minor injuries unit, not 24Hrs


1) Rowlands Pharmacy (8.8 miles) - High St, Abersoch, Pwllheli, LL53 7DY, Tel: 01758 712436

 Abersoch Dental Care (8.6 miles) - 19 Cae Du Estate, Abersoch, Pwllheli, LL53 7EN, Tel: 01758 713955

1) Barclays Bank PLC 64 High Street, Pwllheli

2) Lloyds TSB Bank PLC 90-92 High Street, Pwllheli

3) NatWest , Pwllheli

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Petrol Station:
1) 1) Pen-y-Bont Garage ( 5.7 miles) - Sarn, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, LL53 8DU, Tel: 01758 730674


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Fishing: If rock fishing`s your game,then this area is a must,offering beautiful,scenic,litter free marks that offer the chance of specimen fish.The depth of water coupled with the phenominal tidal flow are key ingredients which make this a prolific area for a wide variety of species.Find a spot in one of the large bays out of the main flow and you will take mack,pollack,launce on spinning gear....float fish or leger rag/crab for quality wrasse and pollack....heavier gear with large mack baits will take conger and huss which feed in daylight due to the depth of water.....be in the right spot at the right time and you could hook tope too 8) 

Getting down to the marks involves a good hike followed by steep climbs,so great care should be taken at all times....never fish here on your own as you are completely isolated,and avoid it if it`s wet as the climbs will be treacherous :!: 
Info on one of the marks can be found 
HERE there`s many other good spots along the front....just have a recce and see what happens.
Getting there...............follow directions for Morfa Nefyn and keep on going towards the end of the Llyen (Bardsey Sound)...you`ll pick up signs for Uwchmynnyd,and you can park in the large area at St.Mary`s Well.
Park in the same place but walk a good 15 mins to the left,and you will arrive at the huge bay of Porth Felen....the water here is up to 100ft deep in places.....
This mark is a grade 1 hardcore rock mark,which is not easy to get to,but it`s worth it as the scenery and fishing is superb





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